Unreal Implementation using Blueprints


The aims of the project were to design an immersive soundscape, to keep the memory usage below a certain threshold and not to have too many active sounds playing at the same time.


  • Using asynchronous systems to create more variations.

  • Footstep system based on a random combination of different toes and heels sounds. It also detects different surface materials.

  • Reusable blueprint to trigger a sound with the possibility of changing the shape and the size.

  • Reusable blueprint to randomly spawn one-shot sounds within a position region using either the player or the blueprint itself as the origin.

Memory (1.3 MB)


What I learned

  • Developing reusable and flexible blueprints for audio.

  • Implementing strategies to create variations without using too much resources at runtime.

  • Recognizing different methods to build ambience sounds into a level and choose the most appropriate one based on the circumstance.