This is a work in progress adventure game for the blind and visually impaired. In this Wwise soundcaster session I demonstrate the footstep system, the ambience, and the ducking effect. Click here for more info.

This is my custom occlusion tool for Unity3d written in C# that works  with Audiokinetic Wwise. It detects  occlusion of a sound source with a ray casting system. Click here for more information.

I designed and implemented sounds for the Unreal Shooter demo project using Wwise. Click here for more information.

A short demo about the results of two procedural audio prototypes developed in Max/MSP that produce impact sounds in real-time.
The goal of both of them was to create believable variations from  a single audio clip. Click here for more information.

Sound Libraries

Combat Cloth! was recorded to enhance the sound of fighting scenes with a variety of cloth movements.

The library was recorded with a Neumann u89 (Hypercardiod) and Audient Mic Pre.
All files contain metadata to quickly find the sounds you’re looking for.