C++ Projects

Raycast-based scanner (UE4 / C++).

Real-time geometry-based raycast system that gives to the sound designers metrics on the width around the player.

This is an attempt to recreate a Snowdrop Core Module called "BubbleSpace" in Unreal using C++.

Click here for more info about the original Bubblespace. 

It can be used by Sound Designers to change dynamically the soundscape (for example ambiances, weather, weapons tails) or to modify parameters in real-time (for example reverb parameters).

Video / GitHub

Audio Spline with Dual Source Mode (UE4 / C++)
This type of actor was created mainly to cover long/large areas with a movable sound.

Video /  GitHub

A collection of custom Data Structures and Algorithms. 

Currently, there is a basic singly linked list implemented using built-in pointers.



Other Projects

Occlusion System (Unity / C# / Wwise). 


Shooter Demo (UE4 / Wwise).

I designed and implemented all the audio assets for this project.


Sound Library of foley cloth movements.

Combat Cloth! was recorded to enhance the sound of fighting scenes with a variety of cloth movements.
Specs: 87 files • 720+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 405 MB • Includes metadata




Other Credits 

Film and Short

  • Goodbye Mary - Eva María Fernández (Sound Designer).

  • Small Blue Disc - Halogen Film (Foley Artist).

  • Dragonflies Only Live For 24 Hours - Richard Anthony Dunford (Foley Artist).

  • The Last Jeff - Ben Robinson (Sound Designer).

  • Nymphs Of The Woods - Iulia Matei (Sound Designer).

TV & Commercials:

  • Intro - Demon TV (Sound Designer).

Role: Junior Audio Designer



Hello! I am an Audio Programmer for videogames passionate about problem-solving and learning new things.

I am currently employed as a Junior Audio Designer at Dovetail Games in Kent (UK).


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