C++ Projects

Automatic real-time generation of reverb parameters with a raycast-based scanner (blueprint prototype)

Demo of my Audio Spline with Dual Source Mode. GitHub

Untitled presentation (11).png

A collection of custom Data Structures and Algorithms. Github

Audio Implementation 

Audio implementation + Sound Design of the Unreal Shooter Demo project using Wwise.

Other Projects

Untitled presentation (10).png

Demo of my Occlusion System made in Unity using C# and Wwise.

Sound Library of foley cloth movements. ASoundEffect





(Junior Audio Designer)

Implement audio assets in UE4 using Blueprints and a proprietary system.
Design audio assets using Reaper.



Hello! I am an Audio Programmer for video-games passionate about problem solving and learning new things.
I am proficient in UE4 (C++ and Blueprints) and native C++.

I am currently employed as a Junior Audio Designer at Dovetail Games in Kent (UK).


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