Technical Sound Designer



Audio implementation of the Unreal Shooter Demo project using Wwise.

Ducking system using Wwise Meter and RTPC, Position Editor, States, Switches etc...

Automatic real-time generation of reverb parameters with a raycast-based scanner.

In the first part, I explain the blueprint logic and in the second one, I show the reusability and flexibility of the tool.

Demonstration of my Occlusion System built in Unity using C#.


Sound Library of cloth movements.
I took as reference "Close Combat" by 
Boom Library.



Developer: Dovetail Games


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Hi! I am a Technical Sound Designer for video-games passionate about:

  • Implementing audio assets into Unreal using the native audio engine or integrating Wwise (using Blueprints or C++)

  • Designing, maintaining, and debugging audio tools such as acoustic systems.

I am currently employed as a Junior Audio Designer at Dovetail Games.