This is my custom occlusion tool for Unity3d written in C# that is currently working with Audiokinetic Wwise. It can detect partial occlusion of a sound source with a ray casting system.
You can download the code in my GitHub page here.

A short video demonstrating how I implemented a dynamic weather system using Audiokinetic Wwise. The system is based on day/night recordings in addition to single animal elements suggesting the time of the day. Furthermore, there is an RTPC that controls the intensity of the wind.

This Redesign from Ad Astra (2019) is meant to show my linear sound design skills for cutscenes and trailers following the "Hollywood Style" approach.

A short demo about the results of two procedural audio prototypes developed in Max/MSP that produce impact sounds in real-time.
The goal of both of them was to create
believable variations from  a single recording. Click here for more information.

Sound Libraries

Combat Cloth! is the perfect cloth movement library to enhance the sound of the fighting scenes of your project.

The library has been recorded with a
Neumann u89 (Hypercardiod) and Audient Mic Pre.
All files contain extensive
metadata to quickly find the sounds you’re looking for.


Other skills

mxj~SimpleSchroeder is a Max/MSP monaural Schroeder reverberator written in Java consisting of eight comb filters in parallel followed by four all-pass filters in series.
You can download the code on my GitHub page here.